Task Force on Apprenticeship Expansion Submits Report to President Trump

By Barton James posted 9 days ago


On Thursday May 10th I attended the fifth and final meeting of the Task Force on Apprenticeship Expansion.  President Trump established the Task Force, and charged the members with identifying strategies and proposals to promote apprenticeships, especially in sectors like HVACR, where apprenticeship programs are insufficient.

After that meeting the Task Force submitted to the President a final report which details strategies and proposals on the following fronts:

  • Federal initiatives to promote apprenticeships;
  • Administrative and legislative reforms that would facilitate the formation and success of apprenticeship programs;
  • The most effective strategies for creating industry-recognized apprenticeships; and
  • The most effective strategies for amplifying and encouraging private-sector initiatives to promote apprenticeships

ACCA commends Secretary of Labor Acosta for his leadership chairing the Task Force, as well as Secretary of Education DeVos and Commerce Secretary Ross who served along with 20 individuals from the private sector.  We are extremely hopeful this effort sets the stage for change, and focus of our taxpayer investment in meaning way which will effectively provide workers with a career path featuring paid on-the-job instruction, skills development, and mentorship, while at the same time provide ACCA Members with a steady source of highly trained and productive workers.

The roadmap laid out by the Task Force has the potential to grow into a critical and successful component of America’s workforce strategy, strengthen workforce readiness and increase the number of pathways available to students after high school.  Click here to view the Task Force’s report.