ACCA Formally Weighs in with DOL on Association Health Plans

By Barton James posted 03-13-2018 09:26 AM

Background: On October 12, 2017, President Trump issued an Executive Order directing the Secretary of Labor to, among other things, consider a variety of issues related to easing burdens associated with the formation and operation of association health plans (AHPs). In fulfillment of the Executive Order, the Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA) published a Proposed Rule in the January 6, 2018 Federal Register and gave commentators 60 days within which to submit comments.

ACCA has a long history of support for Federal AHP legislation, my evaluation of the Proposed Rule was carried out in consultation with friends that work closely with health insurance industry and resulted in these comments, which were formally submitted to DOL this past Friday.

In summary, while the Proposed Rule is a welcome initiative, in its current form the benefits flowing from it are highly limited, particularly when viewed from the perspective of a national trade association with members/affiliated companies throughout the country, and that this regulatory initiative does not extinguish the need for Federal legislation aimed at facilitating the formation and multistate operation of AHPs.

ACCA will continue our lobbying efforts with the Administration and Congress to make AHP a viable option for our Members.

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