MIX Group Mania: Learn How To Start Your Own MIX Group During Special Session


Want to get into a MIX (Management Information eXchange) Group right away? ACCA is introducing a new model program, which will eventually replace the current program, due to be phased out later on this year. This session on the new program will feature all the great stuff from the current MIX Groups, but will accelerate the process of putting a new group together and getting it off the ground in its first year.

The session, scheduled for Today from 5:00 – 6:00 pm in Hall C – Room 1 will be led by Larry Taylor, former ACCA Chairman of the Board and an established facilitator for several groups already in the MIX Group Program. Come to the session and find out what you need to know to get your group up and running right away!

Hilary Atkins

General Counsel & Senior Vice President for Finance & Administration at ACCA
Hilary Atkins is ACCA General Counsel & Senior Vice President for Finance & Administration.

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